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21 May 2020 @ 08:00 am
the boat is sinking... join in!  

haiii welcome to the dwelling place of all my thoughts!

my name's leane, 20.

currently not adding as i really haven't been updating this AT ALL.

i always welcome new friends so if you want to friends, let me know so i'd have a chance to consider and add you back. i wouldn't without a comment.

note that lj isn't myspace. if you're only looking for a person to make your flist grow bigger, don't bother adding me. look for people with the long usernames. they'll take a ginormic amount of space ;) my 5-letter name wont.

comments are screened.

fo banner by heartdivide

if you're looking for my icons, & other graphics, it's all in pigment_parade
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